VA Ardanio-Ormenio-Greek-Bulgarian Borders

Vertical axis Ardanio-Ormenio, which has a length of 124 km, is of strategic importance and the main link to Bulgaria. This axis is part of the Trans-European Transport Network and the ending point of Pan-European Corridor IX in the Greek territory.

Technical Characteristics

The axis is being upgraded, in order to be converted into a closed expressway with a cross-section width of 12/14 m., comprising one traffic lane and a hard shoulder per direction [2x(1+hard shoulder)]. A great number of structures, entrance/exit ICs, side roads’ network and settlement bypasses are under construction.


Its total cost (design, expropriations, construction etc) amounts to approximately M€ 270 (exclusive of VAT), 65% of which is the Community contribution of the European Regional Development Fund.

s/n Section name Length (km)
Current Status /
1 Ardanio-Soufli
Under construction
2 Soufli Bypass 5 Open to traffic
3 Mandra-Psathades (Didimoticho) 14 Under construction
4 Didimoticho-Greek Bulgarian borders 72 Open to traffic
  TOTAL 124  
VA Ardanio-Ormenio-Greek-Bulgarian Borders
Μέγεθος Γραμματοσειράς
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